Set van 2 Iconic Monkeys - special offer

Set van 2 Iconic Monkeys - special offer

This year is a special one for the Kay Bojesen family, the iconic monkey is turning 70!

Kay Bojesen has created life in the home with the smiling lines of the iconic Monkey for 70 years.

Kay Bojesen's Monkey was designed and born in 1951. A little Monkey with the great personality which has come to signify a gift from a very special person. For christenings, anniversaries, birthdays, school leavers, weddings and much more. A classic and a dear friend for life and much-loved design icon in many homes. Kay Bojesen's Monkey invite us to be creative and playful in the way we use it, as the Monkey makes you smile and sparks imagination no matter what room the Monkey are placed in at your home. With its craftsmanship, iconic charming design, we can’t help falling in love with the Monkey. In many homes a Kay Bojesen monkey is typically passed down through generations, which we have seen now for 70 years.

Dit vieren doen we met een unieke aanbieding, bestaande uit Monkey Small Teak Limba & Monkey Mimi Dark Stained Oak! Samen komen deze normaal uit op 212 euro, middels de unieke aanbieding betaalt u 149.95 euro krijgt u maar liefst een korting van bijna 30%.

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